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· 3 min read

I have been using lua for a while. (About 4 years as of writing this!)
It's a language that I kinda grew up on, and I've learned to love.
This article will contain a list of idioms that are common to see in lua.
Lets go!

· 6 min read

In Untitled Mod Game, there is going to be no versioning of mods.
This is a very bold call, and it sounds stupid at face value. But please, hear me out!
This lil article will explain my thought process.

· 15 min read

Emergence is not needed for a good game. And we know this, because there are plenty of successful games out there that are non-emergent. (Some examples being: Super Meat Boy, the whole Call of Duty franchise, Mario Kart)

But as an indie developer, we are in a field where we NEED to put ourselves ahead by taking risks. If we don't, we will be outcompeted by others similar to us.